Andy and Elmer "read aloud"

Andy & Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure is the story of a young entrepreneur who starts an apple dumpling business. With the guidance of a mysterious voice, conveying the Four-Way Test, he turns his venture into a wonderful success and makes friends along the way. 

The Rotary Club of Orange members make their annual trip to each of the six grade schools in the town of Orange to participate in the Andy and Elmer “Read Aloud Day”. The Orange Rotary Club has participated in this program for the last fifteen years and our members look forward to this activity every year.”
— Robert Sigler, President 2015-2016

“Read Aloud Day” is a celebration of words and stories and is an annual event. Each year, the Rotary Club of Orange members join in by bringing a fun-filled book to each of the second grade classrooms in town and reading it aloud to eager students.  Each second grader also received an accompanying coloring and activity book.



Mr. De Cant, the principal of Peck Place School, led a parade through its' halls on the way to visit all four of the third grade classes. In line behind him were three Rotarians bearing about eighty dictionaries. Friday, October 22, was Dictionary Day in Orange!

For many years now, the Rotary Club of Orange has been distributing individualized dictionaries to each and every third grader in town.  Mr. De Cant told the Rotarians that "the kids get really excited about this and years later, they are still carrying their dictionaries".  The purpose of the "Dictionary Project" is to help young students become active readers, good writers and creative thinkers, and the students at Peck Place were more that eager to receive their copy.

Dictionary Day takes place each October because October 16 is the birthday of Noah Webster, the author of the first American Dictionary. This is just one of the many ways that the Rotary Club of Orange supports the community.